Welcome one and all to my astranged site. There's bound to be some fun to be found here, so have a look around. This is mainly a dumping ground for all my bits and pieces >> so while there will be things for people to look at and use, its mainly for my own fun ;

Custom of the moment!
More cute plushies from the customs gallery O:

I'll be doing these again guys. So make neat ones and I'll put ones I love the most up here, I may even do more than one at a time.

Finally getting back into this site. I have put up some more pixel work and some more cged work since I have been doing more of that recently. I will attempt to finish doing the buttons for the pixel home page, and then I'll get onto some more games.

I will be taking some requests for characters and items in the story game. I will possibly take requests from you guys for pixel art or cg work as well. Just send me your characters or something you'd like me to do and I'll let you know if I'm busy or not . Also if you guys have suggestions for game ideas etc please send me an email I'd love to hear from you.